Resharper does not highlights unused private variables

I noticed that Resharper does not highlights unused private variables.

I set "Dead Code" color to magenta and create classes, methods and variables with different accessibility levels. In any cases except private variables it works fine.

  • Recently I reinstall VS and Resharper but it not helped
  • It is also reproduced on a newly created solution
  • Alt+Enter menu does not offer any solution for this case (

I use VisualStudio 2017, Resharper 2019.3.4.

Is it possible to highlight also private variables?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Bob,


Please accept my apologies for such delay in responding.

If the problem is still actual could you please provide the following info:

  1.  run ReSharper in internal mode with the following command: devenv.exe /ReSharper.Internal
  2. select the string with unused private field
  3. perform ReSharper | Internal | Visual Studio | Dump VS Text Editor Classification Tags
  4. share the result file

Thank you.


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