BuildingInsideExpressionBlend Post-build macro

Currently, with MSBuild I use this macro: '$(BuildingInsideExpressionBlend)'. Here is my post-build command:

if not '$(BuildingInsideVisualStudio)' == 'true' ( if not '$(BuildingInsideExpressionBlend)' == 'true' ( signfile "$(SolutionName)" "$(TargetPath)" ))


I tried to switch to Resharper build and I recieve the following error:

Error MSB3073: The command "if not 'True' == 'true' ( if not '' == 'true' ( signfile "<FileName>" "<dll path>" ))" exited with code 9009.

As you can tell, the expression build macro evaluated to '', whereas the other macros actually evaluated correctly (I hide the filename and dll path). Is there a work-around/alternative method for specifying this macro?

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Hello NadaHacker

Thank you for contacting us! Do you define the macro inside a csproj file?

Could you share a sample solution illustrating the issue? You may provide it alongside a support ticket submitted by the "Submit a Request" button above.


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