ReSharper CLI InspectCode 2021.1 fails in my CI/CD


I have been using InspectCode, part of the ReSharper CLI Tools, in my GitLab CI/CD since the 2019.x versions and 2020.x versions without issues. Whenever a new version was out, I would simply specify it in my CI/CD and everything continued to work fine.

Now that 2021.1 is out, I wanted to update the version in my CI/CD but unfortunately the execution breaks with the error shown in the uploaded file id: 2021_04_13_6LbEgvN6BsnRvYhm (file: ReSharper CLI 2021.1 execution error.txt)

Note that my CI/CD has not changed in any way, so I am using the same .NET Core version and setup I've had for the past year almost. The image I am using to execute is:

I am hoping you can help me understand what may be causing such failure, even though the same setup runs fine for the previous version of the ReSharper CLI tools.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

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Alpine Linux isn't supported now. Please feel free to comment and vote on the feature request:

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