VS 2019 Unreal Engine - Resharper C++ "Indexing Unreal Engine" every time I open a project

Hi all,

This is getting very annoying and I am hoping someone can help.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 with Resharper with Unreal Engine 4.26, and every time (and that is EVERY time) I open my UE project Resharper indexes Unreal Engine; my system is okay so it only take a couple of minutes, but it happens every time. 
I have even had to open the same project only a few minutes after closing, and yes, "Indexing Unreal Engine"...
I had assumed this "indexing" would be cached, I have also changed the cache location to a custom folder as a test, but I guess it is being cleared on IDE open and/or close. 

Resharper is great when working with Unreal, their API is so bloated it has helped so very much! but this engine indexing thing is driving me crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could you please collect some logs during the startup?

Start up blank Visual Studio with the /ReSharper.Internal command-line argument, enable the "C++ Caches" trace scenario in "ReSharper | Options | Logging", open the solution, wait until the indexing is finished, send us the log ("ReSharper | Help | Show Log").



Hi Igor, thanks for the quick response.

Sorry for the slow reply but I wanted to test things for a bit... so this may seem strange but after following the steps you outlined above I was not able to replicate the issue. After enabling C++ Caches Trace, VS would take seconds to index unreal engine, not the minutes it took before. I have disabled the trace and the issue has not returned.

I have since switched between game engines and projects (and upgraded VS) and the only time I now get slow UE indexing is when creating a new project... a behavior I would logically expect of course.

So thanks for all the help; I'm not sure why the simple act of enabling a trace fixed my issue, but it did, and all is good with the world again.


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