An idea concerning the display of ignored tests in the test runner

We've been involved in porting a project from .NET 4.5.2 to .NET 5.0, and we need to approach it piecemeal.

This involves a lot of unit tests flagged with the [Ignore("because it's not working yet")] attribute.

We don't want to lose the test, but we don't want to run it because it won't pass, until we fix something we haven't fix yet.

We always include a message as to why it's being ignored, and usually include in the message the Jira Task that is responsible for making it work.

Resharper's Test Runner doesn't run these tests, but displays them as having been ignored. Which is right and proper.

But would it be possible to include the IgnoreAttribute message, in the task runner? It would make it easier for us to manage things, when we have a hundred or so ignored tests.


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Hi Jdege!

Could you clarify the R# and VS version in use?

In the latest ReSharper release, I see the message shown in the Unit Test Session:


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