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Hi all, 

I'm experiencing a very weird issue with my ReSharper that I've never encountered before. I've just setup a clean Visual Studio after getting a new computer and I've opened one of my solutions. All of the sudden I get method name suggestions that are in violation with the ReSharper rules. An example: 

ReSharper suggest a method name that's lowerCamelCase. I don't want this as I want my methods to be UpperCamelCase. But even stranger - if I select the suggestion this happens: 

ReSharper complains that the method name doesn't match the rule for "Methods" - and even suggests the method name I want: GetCalendarViewModel. 

If I look at the settings for ReSharper - everything looks fine. The only setting I've touched is the "us auto-detected rules" as I though this might be the culprit. But the issue remains: 

Can anyone help me out with what's happening? I've never experienced this with ReSharper before and it's driving me nuts! 

Thanks a lot :) 

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The issue is known and registered in our YouTrack as RSRP-476209

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