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I've just installed ReShaper for the first time, and am following the course by Dmitri Nesteruk on Pluralsight. He has a lot of live templates (bot generation and surround). I have very few surround templates, and less generation templates than he. Why is this? Does ReSharper come with so few, or do I need to explicitly add them in some way?

I uploaded this screenshot, but I can't see if it's attached to this case:

Upload id: 2021_03_05_EAoGftzKVTZh7ywj (file: Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 08.24.00.png)

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Hello Max,

In Pluralsight course Dmitri demonstrates surround templates on Console.WriteLine() line, on your screenshot it seems to be a field.

Surround template (as well as generation one) is a context-dependent feature and provides a different number of templates according to the current context.

You can find all available templates in ReSharper | Tools | Template Explorer.

Thank you.



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