ReSharper and dotCover for .NET 5



It seems that ReSharper does not support dotCover when an app is targeting .NET 5 (and probably .NET Core in general). Is that true ?

dotCover is installed on my machine but I am struggling to enable it in ReSharper options. It is not there at all. I have not tried yet when a .NET Framework project is open in Visual Studio. Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you

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Hello Jonathan,

Do you mean that if you open Extensions | ReSharper menu there is no Cover options? Could you please share ReSharper | Help | About JetBrains ReSharper window?

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Sorry for late reply. Finally for other reason I choose to reinstall ReSharper using the new JetBrains Toolbox application and it fixed at the same time the issue above. Now the Cover options is there under Extensions | ReSharper menu and everything is working as expected. Thanks


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