Share Quicklist-settings of templates across team



is it possible to sync/share the "Quicklist"-setting by a team-shared *.DotSettings file?

I would like to see a newly created template automatically appear in the "Quicklist"-menu without having to manully configure it on every machine.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @I17026,

Thank you for the question!

To make templates available to other developers who work on the same shared solution, you can either create new code templates in a team-shared settings layer or copy existing templates to a team-shared settings layer.

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Hello Andrey Simukov,

thanks for your answer and sorry for the late reply.

I know how to share templates via the "team-shared layer". Anyways I was unable to find a way to also share the "quicklist" settings across my team - for me, those settings were only available within the "Smart"-Layer. 



I figured out why this was the case (if anybody else stumbles across this): You need to check "Show Predefined Templates". After this, you can also edit the "quicklist" settings in a shared layer.


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Hello I17026,

Thank you for sharing the solution!


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