Have you completely lost your minds?!?!?

From the "What's new" page for R#:


"Source Generators are almost certainly the most talked about feature in the C# compiler. It’s understandable: the ability to create new code right in the compilation process and use it immediately is exciting and could be useful in lots of different situations."

Are you completely f#&king mad? They are an insanely dangerous idea. Have you ever seen people do that sort of thing? It's even worse than the sh!t they normally write!!!

The only acceptable thing R# can do is delete such crap immediately!!!!!!


Official comment



thank you for the feedback.

Originally Source Generators idea is .NET team suggestion  - https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/introducing-c-source-generators/.

You are welcome share your thoughts on why this idea is dangerous with them.

Thank you.

We already know they're insane. Don't encourage them! People take the advice R# gives them seriously. You're already telling them to use IEnumerable when they shouldn't; don't encourage further bad behaviour. Source generators will be a disaster for  testable, maintainable code. Code generation always is.


That link shows some of the reasons  why. The crap there is a pale foreshadow of what is to come when people get their hands on that nonsense


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