Unreal Engine project with PrivatePCHHeaderFile setting



Unreal Engine supports PrivatePCHHeaderFile option configurable through Build.cs file:


Explicit private PCH for this module. Implies that this module will not use a shared PCH.

Unfortunately Resharper C++ isn't aware of the PCH file location if this option is used, and shows tons of errors on missing includes. Is there a way to enforce PCH file location for Resharper? (Or ideally Resharper could just get this option from Build.cs file)


Thank you,



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Hello Andrey,

ReSharper C++ gets all project information from project files generated by UnrealBuildTool. If I'm not mistaken information about PCH files is dumped by UBT starting from Unreal Engine 4.25. Could I ask you what version of Unreal Engine you are using?

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Hello Mikhail,

Apparently I didn't have the latest version of Resharper, and updating fixed my issue. Yes I use UE4 4.25 and everything works perfectly now. Really sorry for confusion!


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No problem! I'm glad that issue is fixed.


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