Can't Debug .Net Core xUnit Tests in VS 2019 16.7


With RS Ultimate 2020.1.4

After upgrading to VS 16.7 I can no longer debug .net core app 3.1 unit test assemblies.

Discovery seems to work fine, they appear in the unit test explorer.

"Run" works, they succeed or fail as expected with results in the Unit Test Sessions window.

The VS Test Explorer can discover them, run them or debug them.

However when I try to debug, either from the Unit Test Explorer or from the code popup menu the method appears in the Unit Test Sessions window with the result "Inconclusive: Test not run"


Angelina Elycheva

Hello Bob,


Сould you please try the latest ReSharper 2020.2 EAP build - and check how it works for you.

Thank you.


2020.2 EAP works for this scenario.


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