Code cleanup with command line tools doesn't fix code style issues

I am using resharper 2018.1.4.

In my project, I have included a .sln.DotSettings file with some code style rules configured.

For example, I have the following code.

After cleaning up, the code should be 


When using the visual studio plugin, it works fine.

However, when I use the command line tools:

cleanupcode .\MyProject.sln --settings=".\MyProject.sln.DotSettings"

It seems only reformatting is performed:


How can I fix this?

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Hello Leechisan2007,


Could you please check the latest ReSharper 2020.1.4 version and check if the problem is still reproduced? 

If it's still actual please share you dotSettings file. You can do it via "Submit a request" form.

Thank you.


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