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I'm using Resharper Ultimate 2020.1.4  - Build 201.0.20200702.125931 with VS 2010 Version 16.7.0 Preview 5.0.

Within a XAML declaration for a Window, I have:

<Window.InputBindings><KeyBinding Command="Close" Key="Esc"/></Window.InputBindings>

Inspection Results shows an Error: Cannot resolve symbol 'Esc'.

There are no errors of any kind shown in VS 2019's Error List, with or without suspending R#. There are no compilation errors.

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Hello Ron,

thank you for contacting us.
I've filed a corresponding bug report - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-480676.
As a workaround please try using "Escape" instead of "Esc".
Thank you.

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