Only show non-generic implementations

Suppose I have a class heirarchy as below:

public class GenericBase<T> { }

public class DerivedOne : GenericBase<decimal> { }

public class DerivedTwo : GenericBase<decimal> { }

public class DerivedThree : GenericBase<string> { }

public class DerivedFour<T> : GenericBase<T> { }

I want to easily be able to find all implementations of the closed type GenericBase<decimal>.  I do the following:

  1. Put the cursor on GenericBase<decimal> in the declaration of DerivedOne;
  2. Enter my "Find all Implementations" shortcut;
  3. Select the Target as GenericBase<decimal>

I get presented with the options:

  • GenericBase<T>
  • DerivedOne
  • DerivedTwo
  • DerivedFour<T>

However, I am only interested in the non-generic types. I only want to see DerivedOne and DerivedTwo.

Is there way I can configure this?




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Hello Lawrence,


Please accept my apologies for not responding earlier.

Unfortunately, there's no option to configure such behavior.

Thank you.

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