Blazor templated components custom context not recognized by ReSharper

Blazor allows for the creation of custom components, as specified here:

I'm currently working with DevExpress' Blazor components, which make liberal use of the RenderFragment<T> methodology.  In many cases I have to specify a custom context name in order to handle conflicting contexts within the same razor page.  When I do so, ReSharper is highlighting the custom context and indicating 'Cannot resolve symbol _____'.  (Uploaded screen capture)

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The code is not in error (compiles and runs just fine) but ReSharper is highlighting it as an error.

Any suggestions on how to best handle this?



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Sorry for the delay in responding.

It happens to be a known issue -

The fix will be included in ReSharper 2020.2 version as well as other Blazor stuff support. 

Please follow our blog to get the latest news about the new version.

Thank you.

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