Code Cleanup - Fix StyleCop violations

Hello ReSharper Community,

I am trying to configure the code cleanup settings and I have ticked "Fix Style Cop violations".  But I cannot see how to configure which violations I want to fix and those I want it to ignore.

Currently, Fix Style cope Violations is:

Adding Header at the top of the file - Unwanted.

Added summary comment to private fields - Unwanted.

Insights will be useful.

I have ReSharper 2020.1 installed. (Trail, but looking to order).

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1 Build 201.0.20200415.3103 built on 2020-04-15
ReSharper 2020.1.20200415.5135

I have the StyleCop Extention installed.

I do not have any NuGet packages for style cop installed, which I understand is the outdated way of using style cop with ReShaper.

Insight would be helpful. 

Thank you!





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Sorry for the delay in responding.

ReSharper gets all StyleCop settings from settings.stylecop. Here's some more information about how to enable StyleCop support in ReSharper

If a rule is disabled the settings file, it also get disabled it from code cleanup. And if you've got the rule enabled, then ReSharper should fix it for you.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you.


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