NetCore 3.1 app and NetStandart 2.1 library



I have a project that has a Net Core 3.1 application and a NetStandart 2.1 library.
When I connect the library to the application, the using block gives an error that such a library was not found.
Despite this, my application compiles and runs.
If I disable "Enable code analysis" in ReSharper, the error disappears.

This works even for an empty solution with an application on NetCore 3.1 and the NetStandart 2.1 library
If the library framework is changed to NetStandart 2.0, the error disappears

I am using Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5.3

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Hello S Sergeev,


I cannot reproduce the problem from scratch.

Could you please provide some sample solution demonstrating the problem?

You can share it via "Submit a request" form at the top of the page.

Thank you in advance.

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I had a version 2019.1.20190704.215325
Now I have downloaded and installed the latest version from the site (2019.3.20200227.95333) and there is no more error.

On the old version, I performed "Check for update" and it was reported to me that I had the latest version and no updates were found.


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