How to add third party code outside solution for cshtml

Hello, I try to add third party code (css files) for my cshtml.

The code is outside from solution (is in node_modules folder)

But the css are always unknown

Is there something I didn't understand?



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Hello Benjamin,


Third party code option is used to disable code analysis and refactoring for special file types. Code specified in this section is treated as non-user code by ReSharper. The contents are still indexed, and appear in code completion and navigation

As you specified css files in this section, css files will be treated as non-user code and won't be analyzed but NOT cshtml files.

I suppose that ReSharper actually cannot find this css class, e.g. this could be if cshtml file is using class already dropped in new version of bootstrap.

We can investigate the problem deeper if you could provide us solution demonstrating the problem.

If you just want to ignore this suggestion you can disable it from the lightbulb menu, either once for this occurrence or turn off the inspection.

Thank you

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Hi Angelina,


I misunderstood this section. I reformulated my need in the form of a feature request in visual studio (

Rider recognizes the css class from minified files, while visual studio does not.


Thank you


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