Renaming namespace on one class renames entire namespace


What I'm trying to accomplish is extracting one class from a namespace... in this particular example, I want to move a class from RPG.Core to TkrainDesigns.Extensions

I tried renaming the namespace within the ExtensionMethod class, but that renamed every single namespace of RPG.Core to TkrainDesigns.Extensions.  I can find no quick way to move a class from one namespace to another (something easily achieved in VS2019 with a right click on the class name).

What I ended up doing (after undoing the rename) was to just change the name in the namespace, and then let the compiler tell me all the places I had to fix the broken references.  

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Isn't the following refactoring what you are looking for -

Thank you.

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Thank  you, I see it now...  


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