Manually run Ignored Tests

We recently updated our solution to use NUnit 3. We are using Visual Studio 2019 and ReSharper 2019. When we were using NUnit 2.6.3 we were able to manually run an individual ignored test. Now that we are using NUnit 3 we can't run an ignored tests at all. We need to remove the ignored attribute to run the test. Is there any way to manually run an ignored test using NUnit 3 and Resharper?




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Hello Damien,


ReSharper's behavior depends on the framework's design here. As for NUnit, tests marked with [Ignore] cannot be executed using NUnit3 (though it was indeed possible in NUnit2). If you want to be able to execute "ignored" tests explicitly, mark them with [Explicit] attribute.

thank you.

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Great, that was exactly what I was wanting. Wasn't sure if it was an nunit or resharper thing.

We just recently upgraded to use nUnit 3 so we are still learning some of the changes with that.



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