Resharper's popup font does not follow Visual Studio's settings


I have Resharper Ultimate 2019 2.3 installed on Visual Studio 2019 16.4.5 and I've set all my Visual Studio fonts (including all Resharper-specific settings) to be a third-party monospace font called "Sarasa Mono". However. when Resharper is run fonts of its popup toolbox does not match the font setting's in Visual Studio.

(Note how the font of the popup does not match the font of the text editor; it's not even a monospace font.)

Is there anyway to fix this issue so that I can set the font of the popup or I can just use the same font of the text editor or UI as the popup font?




It happens to be a known issue - Please follow it to get the latest updates.

As a workaround please try disabling "Replace VS tooltips" in ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Editor Behavior.

Thank you.


Thanks for your reply here! Seems disabling "Replace VS tooltips" is the only acceptable workaround by far. It seems this issue was created 5 years ago and haven't been resolved yet. Does this issue have any progress now? Is it possible to see it resolved in the forseeable future?


Hello Gnaggnoyil,


Unfortunately, cannot tell any certain estimates.

I'd suggest following the issue updates to be informed about progress status.

Thank you.


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