Can't resolve QString in some projects

Hello, I have a strange problem with Reshaper C++ (2019.3.1) not resolving Qt types in some projects inside the MSVC solution. Look at this picture for example:

There is definitely include for <QString> as you can see from the "Include Hierarchy", but the symbol is still not resolved.

Include directories for this project are configured via the macro $(QTDIR) like this:
In particular the path to <QString> is among "Inherited values". $(QTDIR) is managed by MSVC Qt plugin and has correct value.

Clearing Resharper caches for the solution sometimes help to resolve this problem but it still appears after some time.

Other projects also use Qt and configured in the same way and Resharper doesn't have problems with Qt types there.

Is there any way to fix this issue?


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Is the header with the red code included into any compilable C++ file? If not the compilation properties could be incorrect.

We need some logs to better understand this, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart Visual Studio with the "/ReSharper.Internal" command-line argument.
  2. Open the header file with red code.
  3. Run "ReSharper | Internal | C++ | Dump inclusion context", save the resulting log.
  4. Run "ReSharper | Internal | Project model | Dump C++ IntelliSense info", save the resulting log.
  5. Attach both logs to


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Igor, thanks for suggestion!

Next time I encounter this problem will attach logs to this issue.

Update: problem reproduced, logs were attached.


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