Cannot Extract Method from Macro, e.g. TEST

Giving the following example


TEST(ImplementationTests, EraseInLoop)
  std::vector<int> numbers = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};
  const int deleteNumber = 2;
  //select from here ...
  for(auto it = numbers.begin(); it != numbers.end(); )
    if(*it == deleteNumber) it = numbers.erase(it);
    else ++it;
  //till here


Calling the Extract Method from the Refactor menu is not possible. ReSharper does not allow any refactoring here. If it would be wrapped in a simple function instead of a TEST macro it is working fine.

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I've created to track this. The problem with C++ tests is that the test code is actually a function inside a class (in case of Google Test), both of which come from the macro expansion. "Extract method" in C++ can only insert the new method immediately before the function from which the code is extracted, so it gets disabled inside test code.

Thanks for the report!


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