Rename a C++ class

I would like to rename a class, so all references to the class in a VS solution change to the new name.

What I tried was to select the name in its header file and press F2. I typed the new name in the box with "Also rename files..." and "To enable Undo..." checked, but not "Search in comments..." and pressed Next.

It scans for 2-3 seconds and then returns, having done nothing.

Any suggestions?

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Does this issue reproduce on some solution or a sample that you can share with us? If no, please enable logging as described in, try to perform the rename which fails, and send us the log.


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Thanks Igor,

I have attached a log file to a support request #2345960

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Thanks for the log!

It looks like the refactoring fails because of an exception in our code ( We're not sure what's causing it yet, we'll try to log more info to catch the issue.


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