Move cursor to specific places in a live template

I want to change default prop template:

public $Type$ $Name$ { get; set; }

So that when I press Tab after I enter Type and Name of a property, it would go to the place between get and ;, and then if I press tab again, to the place between set and ;, and then if I press tab again, it would go to the end of the template.

So it would be something like this:

public $Type$ $Name$ { get$$; set$$; }

But it doesn't work. Best I could come up with is:

public $Type$ $Name$ { $get$; $set$; }

But then if I want to make custom get and set accessors, I have to retype get and set respectively because it selects them and when I input any symbols, it removes whole get and set words. Is there any way to put cursor between characters and not select something when I press tab?

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