Resharper c++ build

I use ReSharper c++ Ultimate 2019.2.2. in Visual Studio 2017

In my Solution I have mutiple projects. Some static librarys (.lib), some dynamic librarys (.dll) an some executables (.exe)

I use the Resharper Build to compile my solution.

If I made changes in a static library and build the executable which use a dll which uses this lib where the changes made the changes will be not detected and only the executable is builded. All debug points in the lib are disabled.

I always have to do a rebuild all.

If I use the visual studio build. The changes are detected automaticaly and all projects with changes are build.

Whats wrong?


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Hello Mattias,

I couldn't reproduce this on a sample solution. Please see my comment and lets move the discussion to this request. 

Until this is fixed, please disable ReSharper build on this solution.



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