Change Signature > Resolve in Call Tree: Is There a way to automatically do the same action for every nodes?


I'm developing an enterprise software. Sometimes I need to refactor base class constructor signature to add a new dependency to it, and need to apply it to all child classes, and in my case it could be more than 20 or even hundreds. But all I did is normally the same, which is just add new dependency in the child class constructor and pass it to its parent which in call tree it's the option to "Create parameter in constructor". But the thing is that there is no option for me to do the same actions for nodes, so I need to do it manually and it may take longer than it needs to just doing that for all of them.

For example, the screenshot above is still expanding.

Is there a way to use the same action automatically for all the nodes? just in case I miss it. Or is there any other way to do this?

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I so badly need this feature, its horrible to expand 60 nodes and click on every one of them, and for every click it scans through the solution which takes up to 30 seconds, its a nightmare... :/


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