No keyboard mapping scheme in VS2017 15.7.6


Background info:

OS: Window 10

VS: Enterprise 2017 version 15.7.6

Resharper: Ultimate 2019.1.1 Build 191.0.20190501.122851

In Resharper options, I have set scheme to Resharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA


1. Under Options>Keyboard>mapping scheme, there is no Resharper (Visual Studio)

I could not use resharper shortcuts like ctrl + / or Alt + enter

2. When I highlight a line of code, and go to ReSharper>Edit, a lot functions are disabled

What I have tried but failed to resolve the issue:

1. Repair Resharper

2. Reset mapping scheme in VS Tools>Options>Keyboard,

3. Set scheme to None in Resharper>Options>Apply>Save and then set to Resharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA and apply and save

4. Restarted VS


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Thank you for the feedback.

Please try the following steps:

1. Upgrade ReSharper to 2019.1.3 -

2. Upgrade VS to the latest 15.9.14.

Please check if the problem is still reproduced after the specified steps.

Thank you.

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Upgrading VS solves my issue.

Thank you!


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