Code Inspection not working after upgrading to Resharper Ultimate 2019.1.2



I have Resharper Ultimate 2019.1.1 installed on Visual Studio 2017. I recently upgrading to 2019.1.2. Since then, Code Inspection has stopped working.

I have checked that "Enable Code Analysis" is checked in Resharper settings. I've also tried deleting the Resharper cache (both through settings and by manually deleting the cache folder.

I have also compared all of my Resharper settings to the settings on another, working, machine. The settings are identical.

I have now uninstalled 2019.1.2, rebooted and reinstalled 2019.1.1, but Code Analysis is now not working in 2019.1.1.

Has anyone else experienced this when upgrading to 2019.1.2 or does anyone have any suggestions?



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Hello David!


Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please check what exact VS version is? If its version is older then 15.9.13 please try updating and check the problem once again.

Thank you.

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Hi Angelina,

Visual Studio was running on version 15.7.5. I've upgraded to 15.9.13 and reinstalled Resharper 2019.1.2. Code Inspection is now working again.

Thanks for your help resolving this.


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Glad to know that.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions or problems.


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