Passing nunit3 console options to dotMemoryUnit not working


I want to pass the option --dispose-runners to the nunit3-console for some automated memory tests.

The command:
"C:/Users/TestUser/AppData/Local/JetBrains/Installations/dotMemory183/dotMemoryUnit" "C:/Program Files (X86)/" C:/UnitTests/Tests.nunit --dispose-runners

Unrecognized option 'dispose-runners': '--dispose-runners'

When I run the command directly from the nunit-console it works:
"C:/Program Files (X86)/" C:/UnitTests/Tests.nunit --dispose-runners

Obviously it is not possible to pass nunit options when calling tests via the dotMemoryUnit console.

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If you want to use unit test runner's arguments please use -- before the first argument, correct command looks like:

"C:/Users/TestUser/AppData/Local/JetBrains/Installations/dotMemory183/dotMemoryUnit" "C:/Program Files (X86)/" -- C:/UnitTests/Tests.nunit --dispose-runners


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