some types from glm are not parsed

I think it worked fine with 2018.3, but broke in 2019.1.1.

#include "glm/glm.hpp"
#include "glm/gtc/quaternion.hpp"
int main()
glm::vec4 a;
glm::quat q;

glm::quat - is correctly parsed. glm::vec4 - not. both compile.


I uploaded project to web:
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Sorry, there seems to be no link to the project in the post, but if R++ is showing "Type is incomplete" errors then it's and will be fixed in 2019.1.2.

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I can't open the ticket to see the status. Is there an update on 2019.1.2 planned soon?

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Sorry, I've fixed the issue visibility.

2019.1.2 should be out next week.

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Amazing! Thank you for the fast update!


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