C++17 types cannot be resolved in Visual Studio 2019

Hey all, 

Seems like there is a bug with c++17 and the new Visual Studio that marks new standard library types (e.g. std::string_view) as unresolved symbols although they present and usable.



Could you send us a sample solution where this problem happens?

Did you remember to set "C++ Language Standard" to /std:c++17 or /std:c++latest?


Hey Igor,


I've created a git-repository with the sample. You can find it under the following URL:



This project does not compile, does it? As I said, you need to set "C++ Language Standard" to "ISO C++17 Standard (/std:c++17)".


I've added the option for Language Standard to the project. Everything compiles fine but the TextEditor still shows that std::string_view is an unresolved symbol.

Furthermore, when resharper is active Intellisense stops working for declarations using these new types.

I can disable resharper for C++ and everything works as expected. Once I enable resharper, these declarations are displayed as error.

In both cases the code compiles and runs.


Sorry, I can't reproduce this on your project - when I set "C++ Language Standard" to /std:c++17. Which versions of R++ and Visual Studio are you using?


I'm using the following version:

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.4 Build 183.0.20190304.43214


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