ReSharper not available unless Visual Studio launched from JetBrains Toolbox


I upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 (edit: VS2019 release, not a preview or RC but the full release version) today, and to go along with that I upgraded my ReSharper Ultimate version to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1 EAP 5 (built 2019-04-04). When I launch VS from my taskbar, ReSharper doesn't load when I open a solution. To load ReSharper I have to open the JetBrains toolbox and choose "Run VS Community 2019 (ReSharper0 hive)" for ReSharper to be available.

Is this expected from the EAP version? Will this behavior be the same in the release or will I be able to launch VS from the taskbar in release? Thanks!

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Hello Craig!


Toolbox installs Release, EAP and Nightly versions in different VS hives.

Release build was installed in default hive, EAP version in ReSharper0 hive. So to use EAP please run VS with /RootSuffix ReSharper0.

Thank you.



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Hi Angelina, thanks for your comment and the explanation! I added /RootSuffix ReSharper0 to my launcher icon and it's now working. I'll be sure to provide any feedback I have on the EAP!

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I was also having this problem after updating VS 2019 to the latest version and found Resharper no longer started up with it. Adding the /RootSuffix fixed it. Thanks for letting us know about this, Angelina. 


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