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Hello everybody. I have some question about "Skip Folder Namespace Provider" feature.

If I want to disable R# suggestion "namespace does not correspond file location", i can right click on folder in Solution Explorer, then select "edit project item properties" and disable namespace provider for folder.

But what i'm really want: some folders i've been creating (like "Enums", "Interfaces", "Common") should ignore namespace provider by default – dependending on it's names. Every time when i created these folders i should manually disable namespace provider for every folder.

i dind't find any way to do that. everything that i'm achieved – i've been found absolute path to these folders in *.DotSettings file. maybe, i can specify some folder names for ignoring namespace provider by default, whatever these folder placed?

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Thank you for the feedback.

Please refer to the corresponding request reported here -

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Thank you.

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