Resharper is horribly slow and I am about to uninstall it

Seriously. This software has been on the market for many years and you guys couldn't even manage to make it remotely usable. Random freezes, waiting 2 seconds for IntelliSense. You announced out-of-process almost 1 year ago and it's still not ready. 

I am really disappointed and will start looking for an alternative. /rant

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We'd appreciate if you could send us a timeline performance trace which captures freezes/slow IntelliSense (, we'll definitely investigate. If R# IntelliSense is consistently slow for you, you can also revert to using built-in VS IntelliSense together with the rest of R#.

Moving R# out-of-process is very involved due to tight integration with VS, but we'll soon offer R++ as a part of Rider (, which runs R# in a background process.

That said, performance is very much our focus. We significantly improved all of initial indexing time (by at least 20% on a typical large solution, even more on Unreal Engine -, loading time on solution open, and memory usage in the 2019.1 release. Please try the latest available 2019.1 EAP from, I hope it will help with some of the issues.

If you are working on a very large solution, you can also exclude parts of the solution you are not working on from R# indexing on the "Third-Party Code" options page (

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The message is shown when you've already started profiling, but are trying to do it again. The first post I linked explicitly mentions this, I'm sorry you can't be bothered to read it.


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