[Feature request] Navigate to, support for visitor pattern

I dont know if this is the right place to ask for features? We have the "Uses of symbols" navigation which is pretty handy for visitor pattern types (Edit, does not work if you try to navigate from a constructor reference). But maybe we could get native support for visitor pattern "Goto visitor". Example:


You have   


public class  MyCommand : Command {}


And the visitor 

public class MyCommandHandler : ICommandHandler<MyCommand>


   public void Handle(MyCommand cmd) {}



Goto visitor on MyCommand would bring up a list of Handle methods or if only one is implemented go directly to it. 

So whats a visitor, I guess any interface or abstract base class of T that has a method that only takes T (I leave the definition to you guys :D)


edit: Its important it supports scenarios like this, which Symbols usage does not support since it willl only find constructor usage


await _cqsClient.QueueCommandAsync(new MyCommand());

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