VB code analysis problem on VS2019 RC

I'm using R# 2018.3.4 with Visual Studio 2019 RC.1 SVC1 Entrerprise (the newest available version). In a VB project I have a project reference to a c# class library. In some of my VB classes which references classes from the c# library the import is marked as follows:

and the symbols from this namespace are marked red with the message "could not resolve symbol". If I remove and re-add the project reference to AW80.Services the problem is gone, but the next time i start Visual Studio it reappears.

The solution is compiled without any error. If I use Visual Studio 2017 everything works fine.

I already tried to clear the R# cache, but with no success.

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Hello Andreas!


Sorry for delay in responding.

Is there any chance you could provide some sample solution demonstrating the problem?

What is specific about references that cannot be resolved?

Thank you.


I just have installed the fresh VS2019 RC2. The problem remains, but after unloading and reloading the projects with the broken references i could not reproduce the problem any more. There was one specific thing about the project which causes the broken references. The solution is a few years old. I added the project recently. I noticed that the ToolsVersion in the csproj file is 15.0 and the ToolsVersion of the other projetcs is 12.0.

If the problem reappears i will contact you.

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