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I try to read the pop up messages (for example, when the cursor is in the editor on a type, and I click the ctrl + k +i combination). The message is so small, I barely can read it.

Does someone know please how can I enlarge the font of these messages?

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Hello Itzik!


The specified shortcut open VS tooltip (Edit | IntelliSense | Quick Info), so ReSharper has to do nothing with this pop up.

I'd suggest trying changing font in VS Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors | Show settings for : Editor Tooltip.

Thank you.

HI Angelina,

Thanks for the response. This didn't solve the problem.

This only enlarges the main message of the tool tip, but doesn't enlarges the little sentences beneath it.

Way to reproduce it:

1. Open visual studio.

2. Write Gibberish in the middle of the editor (so it will be marked with a red line beneath it). For example write abcd

3. Bring the cursor to this Gibberish text.

4. Click Ctrl k, Ctrl i.

The result will be a tool tip with a message and beneath it, in a very tiny size, the sentence :" Cannot resolve symbol 'abcd' ".

Is it possible to enlarge this text font? I will appreciate it very much, because I use ctrl+k,ctrl+i all the time, and I need really getting closer to the screen every time I use it, in order to see these little messages.

Thank you,





Thank you for the reply.

As I've mentioned it's VS pop up and ReSharper cannot change it.

You could suggest this improvement to VS developers.

Here's one I've found at a go -

Thank you.


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