How to disable solution wide warnings in Dto project?


Hi everyone,

I have a C# project containing a certain number of classes used to serialize and deserialize data as JSON.

There are no actual uses for setters, or write to collections, in the available code, but every access is managed by JSON.Net.

I get a number of warnings about "Content of collection is never updated" or "Auto property accessor is never used", and similar errors for output types (types written by my code and then serialized by JSON.Net).

Can I disable this rules in a single C# project?

Basically I would like to turn the warnings off, but only in the Dto Project, and not in the rest of the solution.





Please refer to the following blog post describing how to turn on configuring severity per-project:

For some folks, it might be worth mentioning, that after weve enabled this setting,
we will also get support for reading severities from per-project DotSettings.
Unfortunately, we still dont provide any UI for modifying per-project DotSettings,
but there is an older blog post, which describes a workaround of temporarily
loading the DotSettings file as an options layer.

Thank you.


Thanks for the hint! It would be great if it was easier, but at least there is a workaround!


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