R# and Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2

After installing Preview 2 of Visual Studio 2019 i noticed that R# menu wasn't shown in the menu bar any more. The first thing i have done was to run R# setup and repair the installation. After starting Visual Studio again, the R# menu was still missing. But this time i loaded a solution and i could see that R# is still working. Taking a closer look to the menu bar i noticed a new menu named "Extensions". There i found R#*s menu.

It seens that MS had decided to bundle all extension stuff in a separate menu. Unfortunately they didn't mentioned this in their relase notes.

Hope this helps if someone other stumbles over this "feature".


In addition to the above change, Visual Studio 2019 displays a warning on startup as below:

This extension uses deprecated APIs and is at risk of not functioning in a future VS updates.


Hello Ali!


This is a known issue, please refer to  https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-472937.

Thank you.


The menu  move is horrible - that'll be an extra 100 clicks per day for me (yes, I should memorise the key strokes instead).

Is it possible to get the Resharper menu back to the top level or will the APIs not allow it?


Hello Stephen!


It's by design in Visual Studio 2019. All the top-level menu entries created by VS plugins are moved under the common Extensions menu. For now we have no plans to change this default location.

Thank you.


@Stephen, in spite of this desition of MS team, you can still reach any ReSharper menu item via "Go to Action" popup by hitting Ctrl+Shift+A. Then you need to start typing an action name, and it provides you with the results. The results in "Go to Action" popup will also show the appropriate shortcuts to call the actions directly. Moreover, the result contains all available ReSharper Options which can be matched to the search string you typed there. 

Hope it helps!



By the way, in case you don't like this new MS way to put extensions menu items to the Extensions menu, please upvote https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/idea/435711/get-rid-of-new-extensions-menu.html request. 


Thanks for the help on this, and to Maarten Balliauw via twitter.  And thanks Alexander for that idea link, voted.  


Maarten pointed me to the EAP, which I didn't even know existed, which has a fix in it already for the synchronous load error you'll get starting up VS2019 with Resharper.



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