ReSharper 2018.3 breaks CodeRush functionality

Hello, after updating ReSharper to the latest version (from 2018.2.3 to 2018.3.2), I have noticed that some of the CodeRush functionality has stopped working, specifically the ability to navigate through member references/usages.

I am certain that it's a conflict with ReSharper because if ReSharper is disabled (not suspended) in VisualStudio, then CodeRush works as expected.

So there's something in the newer versions of ReSharper that is causing CodeRush v18.2.6 (but also older versions) not to work properly.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could investigate the issue and try to fix it, because I am using features from both products, and it's kind of disappointing when one breaks the functionality of the other for no obvious reason.

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Hello Greg,

We are aware of the issue and is looking for roots of this issue


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