Adding Resharper Settings Layer from a custom Extension



I am attempting to create a ReSharper Extension package which will import group wide ReSharper settings without needing them to be in our source control repository and having to manually add the layers to my ReSharper options.

I have managed to create a package, and add it as an extension to resharper, but I do not see any Extensions settings in the "Settings Layers" dialog.

I do not know if this is still a supported behaviour, but I have been following a (non-official) how-to guide, here which suggests that it did at least, work in the past. Please could you tell me whether it should still be possible to do this and if so, I would be grateful if you could suggest how to proceed.

So far, I have a .DotSettings file, a .nuspec file and a generated extension package.

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Official comment

Please make sure you add the .DotSettings using a path like this DotFiles\Extensions\<extensionname>\settings

I had this issue and I did have my .dotsettings in the files. The issue was the version of nuget that was packaging it, I suggest getting the latest exe from you can check if it is packaging it by renaming the .nupkg to .zip and examining the contents



<file src=".\Settings\my.DotSettings"
target="DotFiles\Extensions\myExtension.Settings\settings\my.DotSettings" />

Hello, 6 years later and I'm trying to use the same approach in Rider - should the target location for the DotSettings files stay the same (i.e. in the DotFiles\Extensions\myExtension.Settings\settings\my.DotSettings")?


There's a sample for that in our plugin repository. Note the readme file with all relevant files.


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