Code Styling for Arduino Projects


I would appreciate if someone could assist me by providing a style configuration file for Arduino. Apparently function naming is unlike normal C++ default styling. For instance:

  • C++ style : digital_write
  • Arduino style : digitalWrite


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Hello Waleed,

Arduino naming conventions seem to be pretty close to the LLVM conventions. You can reset naming style to this scheme using the "Reset to Scheme" button on the "Code Editing | C++ | Naming Style" ReSharper options page.

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Thanks Igor. I was already on that scheme

The same styling is set

 I believe that solved it. I just don't know if there is a scheme for it

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It looks like you're not on 2018.3 yet? This is what the "Naming Style" page looks like with LLVM scheme selected in R++ 2018.3:

If you notice any differences with these defaults, we can always add a new builtin scheme - just let us know how Arduino conventions are different from LLVM.


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