Two different autocomplete popups


I have two autocomplete popups. I presume that one is caused by Resharper and the other one by Visual Studio.

This one shows up just after I type "+=" and push the space button. Notice how "(Press TAB to insert)" obscures the first two options which on its own is very frustrating.

This one I can bring up by clicking ctrl+space but it doesn't suggest to create a new method for the "Initialized" event so I'd rather keep the former:

Options>Text Editor>C#>General>Auto list members
Options>Text Editor>C#>General>Parameter information
Options>Text Editor>C#>IntelliSense>[everything]
won't help.

What can I do to fix the first one and get rid of the second one?


I'm also encountering this issue, has this been looked into?




Sorry for delay in responding for this thread.

Please refer to the corresponding issue and developer's comment -

You are welcome to comment the issue as well.

Thank you.


As a workaround, if you slow down, the VS "(Press TAB to insert)" tooltip will appear after the = is typed.  You can then press the Esc key to dismiss the tooltip. Then press the space the Resharper tooltip will display.


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