Unreal Engine is indexed almost every time startup


My project is an ue4 project, and i'm using resharper++ 2018.3 EAP 7 on vs2017. 

I find that resharper++ often index the ue4 engine source code every time the project is opened, the visual studio will be slow. And indexing will use much disk space(about 3G?) in disk C:\, there is no much space for SSD. There are about many ue4 projects on my system, if I open every project, it will cost much time to wait and much disk space for indexing!

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Sorry, there's no way to share cache data between solutions at the moment. But we're looking into ways of improving UE4 support, we'll investigate if this is possible - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSCPP-24874.



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