@Url.Action not highlighting missing action in controller


I'm using Resharper (2018.2.3) and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 (15.9.3) along with Microsoft.ASPNet.Mvc (5.2.7)

If I put in a @Url.Action it used to be highlighted that there was a issue if the controller didn't have an action however now there's no lightbulbs showing at all telling me if there isn't one?

I dont think I've changed any settings but if you can guide me what I may have done wrong or if theres an issue that would be great!


Also discovered it's not analysing the return View() as well and is not showing errors for if its not created.


Hello Charlie!


Thank you for the feedback.

Actually MVC 5.2.7 is not supported yet, please refer to the corresponding issue - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-472557.

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.


Aha ok thanks. What version is currently supported?


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