Conflict between R# format selection and VisualStudio format selection




In the environment of my team, "format selection" menu of VS and "format selection" of R# output different results.

VS: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F

R#: Ctrl + Alt + Enter


So team members have to setup the long and many options MANUALLY for matching VS option and R# options same.


Is there any way that "format selection" of VS act same like R#'s??


Is there any way that R#'s setting is copied to VS's setting with one button?


This problem happens every time when new computer/new windows installed.

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Hello Murim!


Thank you for contacting us.

Currently there's no such option in ReSharper.

As alternative let me suggest you to try using Editorconfig file. Though it should be created once manually it could make it easier to configure formatting in future.

Editorconfig  file can be added to your project and thus it takes precedence over VS text editor settings -

ReSharper also provides support of EditorConfig files -

Thank you. 


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