R# is hanging VS and it is driving me crazy

I updated yesterday but the problem is worse. It's happened 3 times this morning already and I had to restart the 3rd time. All I'm doing is typing. That is all I am doing. Then VS just stops. Your little hammer icon moves up and down on the screen as I move the mouse wheel. The screen does not scroll. The place where the cursor was kind of blinks a few times, the screen get translucent white, the title bar may or may not say Not Responding. Sometimes in 20 or so seconds or so it may come back - but I have been restarting VS 10 times a day because of this. What the H can I do to help you fix this? Guys - your product is supposed to help us - not hinder us. I hate complaining but 5 minutes after I get in this morning and I'm having trouble with your products. I know. I should just shutup, uninstall it and go away. I am trying to keep you on my good side. But I am seeing no increase in performance - but am seeing degradation. I'm getting tired of being frustrated that I cannot work my normal workflow. I have a 6/12 core, 48 Gig machine. IT IS NOT THE HARDWARE. And once again - all I am doing is typing.

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Hello Ted!


Sorry to know you've experienced such problem with ReSharper.

Could you please help us determine the cause of the problem and collect dump as described in the following article - https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206546619-What-to-do-if-Visual-Studio-with-ReSharper-hangs-completely-.

You can share it privately via 'Submit a request' form in the top of the page.

Thank you.


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