Disable enter for completing symbol?

I'd like to be able to disable enter key for completion. Currently I can just set it to either insert or replace. There's a feature (I forgot the setting, modified it a while ago) where you can disable suggestions for language keywords (such as 'try', 'else', etc). I disabled that because it was annoying double hitting enter after I typed in 'try' or 'else': if you typed 'else' and hit enter, it just inserted 'else' and then required another enter press to do a new line. While that fixed that issue for 'else' which I was constantly being bothered by, the side effect is that when I type in, say 'try', I get a suggestion to complete it to 'TryCode (in System.RunTime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers)'. Hitting enter then completes it.

If I could disable enter for completion, I could just use tab instead and wouldn't run into problems entering language keywords. Or, alternatively, if the completion suggestion could just be totally turned off for language keywords (like 'try', 'else', etc) that would be great too.


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